We serve food and


We serve food and


We offer a safe and supportive space to explore life’s possibilities.

The Sun Valley Kitchen + Community Center provides children and families in Sun Valley with opportunities for self-expression, self-awareness and personal growth, while fostering unity within this dynamic, multi-cultural neighborhood.

Our Five Values

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Nourish Employ Enrich Educate Unite


  • Connecting around food serves as the basis for all of our other activities.
  • Provide consistent, nutritious, culturally relevant food for individuals and families
  • Teach healthy cooking skills
  • Provide healthy lifestyle options
  • Build community through meals and shared experiences


  • Directly employ youth and adults from Sun Valley and West Denver
  • Teach and mentor professional skills


  • Provide space for cultural expression
  • Document community history
  • Foster a safe and supportive environment


  • Provide academic support
  • Teach entrepreneurial, workforce,  and life skills
  • Host events exploring community issues
  • Help individuals navigate important systems, such as education, business development, and health care


  • Host events and operate a restaurant that bring people together
  • Provide a safe and consistent gathering space
  • Advocate with community for the future

No-Cost Grocery Program

Children and adults are able to choose food and personal care items for their families each week, free of charge.

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The Kitchen

The restaurant features affordable, fresh and delicious cooked meals for breakfast and lunch, supporting the Sun Valley community and beyond.

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Youth Programming

Programming includes cooking classes, professional development, employment and athletics programs.

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Want to lend a hand?

Get Involved

All ages are welcome to contribute at Sun Valley Community Center, whether it is preparing groceries for the pantry, dinner preparation or working alongside local youth in cooking classes.


Your donation supports programming for families and youth in Sun Valley.